Corporate Partnerships
Does your company have multiple vehicles that need to look great on the road? Whether it's a small or large fleet, we want to help protect your company assets while ensuring it looks great!
Some of the companies who currently work with us!
  1. Company Fleet Vehicles
    Company Fleet Vehicles
    Does your company have multiple vehicles? We're here to help them looks clean and shiny! We always include a hand wash with an interior vacuum and wipe down. More services can be done upon request. Custom recurring plans available.
  2. Tow & Semi Trucks
    Tow & Semi Trucks
    Polishing stainless steel or metal makes your trucks stand out from the rest. Call us for details on truck detailing.
  3. Shuttle Buses
    Shuttle Buses
    Impress your customers with freshly detailed shuttle buses.
  4. Corporate Sales Vehicles
    Corporate Sales Vehicles
    You company executives and sales reps should be driving in clean vehicles. Our fleet membership plan will ensure the vehicle is always clean and ready to host clients or guests.
  5. Office Buildings/Employee Vehicles
    Office Buildings/Employee Vehicles
    Would your employees enjoy a hand wash and wax service? We're able to come out to your office and provide on-site detailing services utilizing our amazing eco-friendly processes.
  6. Auto Dealerships
    Auto Dealerships
    Do you own or operate a new or used car dealership? We specialize in taking new and used cars and making them look their best! Our special dealer pricing is designed to take the burden of reconditioning off your shoulders. Give us a call for special pricing!
  7. Golf Course Outings/Events
    Golf Course Outings/Events
    Whether it's a tournament, fundraisers, or just a day on the course; we'll come out and offer our services to your guests. We currently offer our services for the members at the West Shore Country Club.
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