Frequently asked questions

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    How do I book an appointment


    Simply call in to 717-736-5346 or book here by clicking on "Get Booked". Follow the simple steps to pick your date and time and you're all set! Once you book your appointment, you'll get a confirmation email.
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    Do I need to provide water and electricity?


    No, we come with all the equipment and materials needed to do the job. If we're coming to your home we'd appreciate the opportunity to use your outlets to reduce gas usage from our generator.
  3. Q

    Can you come to my office?


    Absolutely. Just be sure to let your co-workers and boss know that we're coming, they may want their cars done too!
  4. Q

    How long does a detail take?


    It varies depending on service package and amount of dirt in the vehicle. On average, Full details take from 2-3 hours and Supreme details take up to 6 hours.
  5. Q

    How do you wash a car without warer?


    It's a combination of the products we use and the process. Watch this video to see exactly how it's done.
  6. Q

    Do you accept credit cards?


    Yes we accept credit cards, cash or check on-site. We are able to issue either paper or digital receipts on site.
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    How far will you travel?


    We'll travel up to 15 miles within our location in Dillsburg, PA. If you live beyond that distance please give us a call and we can discuss a custom travel charge.
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    Why the price difference?


    The price difference in in the size of the vehicle. Larger vehicles will take a little longer to get to all the areas.
  9. Q

    Is Xtreme Clean Mobile Detail Insured?


    Yes we are fully insured to cover any unfortunate circumstance.
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    Is Xtreme Clean Mobile Detail Eco-Friendly?


    Yes we are! For every vehicle we clean we save on average 60 gallons of water. We use waterless wash and cleaning products from PEARL that are 100% eco-friendly.


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